“There’s a deep connection between food and joy.
But in our busy, fad-driven food world, we’ve lost this.”

It’s time we talked about your most important relationship.
The one with food.

Plates Spinning

Are you tired of the ups and downs and crazy-making around food?

Forks in the road

Are you fed up with the endless ‘advice’ on which way to eat?

Glass full or half empty

Does your body rebel every time you try to change your diet for the good?

Take ChaRge of Your

Food Journey

Hi, I’m Ann. I teach people to navigate the world of food by replacing negative beliefs and bad habits with a healthy mindset and steps anyone can do that lead to more vitality, clarity, focus and joy.

Are you ready to begin to take back your health, even if you’re used to impulsive and distracted eating, letting stress control your day, and feeling heavy and sluggish with a sedentary lifestyle?
There’s an easier way to live. Look younger, feel lighter, get back in shape, and start dancing in those skinny jeans again!

“My nine mindful principles for a healthy approach to eating.”

ANN’S story of transformation

“I went from being an overworked chef and restaurateur, frazzled mother and wife to reclaiming my sense of self and joy.”

awww, shucks!

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