The Mentality Hack that ALL women can master to get out of comfort and complacency and into YOUR ZONE OF TRUST - Ann Gentry

The Mentality Hack that ALL women can master to get out of comfort and complacency and into YOUR ZONE OF TRUST

There’s something you keep doing that keeps you feeling crappy.

Maybe you make the mistake of buying ice cream at the grocery store, and you indulge a little too much when you get the late night munchies.

Maybe you struggle with portion sizes and can never seem to stop eating when your body tells you ENOUGH.

You tell yourself, “Tomorrow I won’t [insert bad habit here].”

But you always end up repeating yourself!

We get stuck in certain patterns because we feel safe in them (EVEN if those patterns make us feel awful most of the time!)


As we move throughout our lives every day, we tend to stick with what makes us feel safe and comfortable.

Even if it doesn’t make us feel GOOD.

We have our herstories, we have our habits, we know what we like. A part of us might even be okay with how things are! That little voice in our head says, “Oh you’re FINE, just keep doing it. What’s the big deal?”

But for those of us trying to make a positive change in our lives, this voice is like an ugly bridge troll that’s standing in the way of our dreams! We’re letting this little voice of complacency prevent us from genuinely enjoying our lives!

So you’re a little too comfortable with this bridge troll (aka your comfort zone). What are you supposed to do?


How can you enact positive change from inside the warm blanket of your comfort zone?

(Hint: You can’t.)

Lately, I’ve been thinking about a concept known as the ZONE OF TRUST. Think of it as the area right outside our comfort zone. Imagine two circles around your body and being. The circle closest is your COMFORT ZONE. The second sphere circles your comfort zone. This is your ZONE OF TRUST.

The ZONE OF TRUST is where your logic lives. It’s your conscience — the voice you TRUST because it knows what’s best for you. It’s where you think, “Well, I really should go on a jog today…” or “I should choose the beet salad instead of the mac ‘n’ cheese” or “I should do this now, so I don’t have to worry about it later.”

The ZONE OF TRUST is where our brains tell us, “this is the direction you should go in for a better life!”


So how does this concept apply to those of you who want to change your eating habits?

Before putting anything in your mouth — before reaching mindlessly for that cookie — you have to listen to that logical voice in your head. Small actions and dramatic shifts are born here in this logical space of the ZONE OF TRUST. It means we have to REJECT our comfort zone actively — to get up and walk out in favor of what we KNOW is better.

And sometimes it takes a while for us to feel entirely okay about this! At first, it feels MEAN or WEIRD or just plain wacky!

Chances are, you’ve spent YEARS in your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is where your family traditions around food live, where your favorite go-to meals are, where your cravings are satiated, where foods are convenient and comfortable.

This is why we’re so skeptical! We’re so used to eating what we’ve BEEN EATING! Even if we know it’s harming our health — also if we KNOW it’s bad for us — it’s so hard to stop.

In the ZONE OF TRUST, we add new foods to our repertoire. We know we need more leafy greens and we know we have to stay hydrated. We put down the foods that harm our health. We recognize that a piece of double layer cake really isn’t going to make us happy.

Easier said than done!


Sometimes, if we’re not careful, we reach way too far. We go past our ZONE OF TRUST, we ignore our inner logic, and we fall for the fantastical “Magic Cures” that promise us all the changes we’ve ever dreamed — even though it sounds too good to be true.

We jump into the latest food trends. We believe that certain habits can help us “hack our ”, that we can live forever, that we can buy ONE product that will knock of xx pounds in a few weeks, tighten our skin, and make us look and feel 33 again.

Modern science can do anything!! Right?!

It’s no wonder we end up crawling back to our comfort zone, defeated and craving fried chicken and waffles.
This is why the ZONE OF TRUST is so vital to our well-being. We have to listen to our inner logic — our inner parent — because YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU. (Not the corporations selling weight loss products, not the diet fads — YOU.)

You just have to key into that ZONE OF TRUST.


Breaking out of your COMFORT ZONE in favor of the ZONE OF TRUST requires courage and grit. But it also requires baby steps.

Because if you leap into it like an Olympic Pole Jumper, you might not land on your feet. Remember — the objective here is NOT to crash and burn!

Baby steps.

Pushing out of your comfort zone is bound to make you feel vulnerable, unsure, and maybe downright anxious.

But underneath, you know that you HAVE to shed those comfort zone habits that keep your ideal life out of reach.

Here’s how to start living in TRUST. Take small steps. Choose one thing you can give up. One single thing.

For example, if sugar has a death-grip on you, don’t try to tackle ALL sweets. Don’t sit there and say that you’re never going to enjoy chocolate again! Deprivation is a ticket to failure. Instead, choose one sweet. Maybe it’s your afternoon candy indulgence. Replace that Snickers bar with a handful of almonds and some berries. Once this feels natural to you, replace yet another unhealthy habit and another…

The goal? Move out of that comfort zone. Take one small, intentional step at a time.

This is how to develop momentum. This is how you keep moving toward the sharp mind and healthy body you want.


Whenever we make scary changes, it always helps to have some support. It always helps to have a guide, someone to help you avoid mistakes — someone to hold you accountable. Someone who has been there, done that, got the tee-shirt and knew the most accessible path to health and wellness.

If you need an experienced mentor, coach, and nutrition expert, I’m here for you.

What’s on your mind? Shoot me a quick email at, and I’ll reach out to you.

Because I know that whatever you’re dreaming of — however you want to improve your life — IS POSSIBLE!

I know that at first, you’ll feel uncomfortable. But it takes just a little discomfort now, and before you know it, you’ll feel better than ever.

I believe you can!

Xoxo, Ann

We all need a group of friends to cheer us on, who believe in us. Come join us over at my facebook group, Take Charge of Your Food Journey with Ann Gentry, where we inspire each other, ask for help, celebrate successes, and hold each other’s hands through our journeys to a healthier life! Come on over!

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