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Who Says Sexy & Vibrant Grandmothers Can’t Dance at their Grandkids’ Weddings?

Many women have the same dream. We all want to be vibrant, active old ladies who have big smiles, even bigger personalities, and want to shake their hips to the boogie at their grandkids weddings.
Oh yes.

We all want to be able to swim laps in our nineties. And why shouldn’t we? Why shouldn’t we be there to take our granddaughter to the movies after her first heartbreak? Why shouldn’t we be able to go horseback riding, canoeing, and hiking the Pacific Coast Trail, well into our third acts?

You might not know this yet, but you are powerful. So many of us forget this because we get stuck in habits that make it hard to even get past this week, not to mention making it all the way to “old age.”

We forget that we have the power to harness our inner lady badass. We’re too busy blaming our health on outside factors: our genetics, our environment, and even on the other people in our lives. We wander around our lives like zombies in a mental brain fog. We complain about our belly fat, how tired we are, and how awful we feel.

But that’s no way to slide like a rock star into the third half of your life! Your third half is supposed to be marvelous, not a bitch ‘n’ moan fest!  You don’t want to find you’re becoming a crotchety old lady.

We all dream of getting happier with age. We know deep down it’s POSSIBLE to be a totally radical, coolest-grandma-on-the-block-who-still-looks-amazing-in-cocktail-dresses style old lady. We’ve MET this old lady! We’ve seen her crushing laps at the YMCA. We’ve seen her volunteer at the local holiday market. We’ve seen how she always has a stellar recipe up her sleeve, and how she has her best friends on speed dial.

Have you ever heard this badass lady blame her health on her genetics? No, ma’am! She’s too busy taking charge. She’s buying kale, walking her dog around the block, and redecorating her kitchen. She doesn’t have time to wring her hands, worrying about getting the same health conditions as her parents. She’s too busy blending green smoothies and going antiquing with her friends.

Let’s get clear on something right now. You have the power to be healthy. New cutting-edge research shows that lifestyle – not genetics – is the primary factor in our health outcomes. Even if a condition runs in your family, you CAN break the pattern. Your choices and lifestyle make all the difference.

You CAN take control, lose those last pesky pounds, get your body moving and feeling energetic, light, and vital. You can love what we see in the mirror, feel sexy, and live your life like it’s a long, sunny road with no pre-written ending.  

So why shouldn’t you dance at your grandkids weddings? It’s up to YOU!

My grandmother had this same dream. She always used to tell me that she wanted to live to see me graduate high school. She died when I was in ninth grade. She never did get to see me grab my diploma or walk down the aisle.

My mother too had this dream. She wanted to see my daughter graduate high school and bloom into a beautiful young lady. But when my daughter was in seventh grade, it was clear that my mother was on a downward spiral. She started forgetting things. She started getting lost. She began unraveling right before our eyes.

I’ve spent my fair share of time worrying about my own future. I used to feel doomed to the same fate. I used to wonder if I was eating the right foods in the right amounts.

I finally let fear kick my butt into action. I took my health into my own hands. I made some serious changes in how I was living. Seven years ago, I changed my daily habits, and I’m so glad I did.

Ladies, want to feel and look amazing, knock off a few pounds, have crystal mental clarity, feel secure and flexible, and be able to move your beautiful body and spend sacred time with yourself every day?

Do you want to be able to chase your grandkids, take hearty walks and dance with your husband to country songs in the kitchen?  

Then you MUST start prioritizing your BODY, BRAIN, and BEING, or what I like to call “the Three B’s.” If one of these B’s isn’t nourished, then we aren’t our healthiest.

I BELIEVE that women can achieve optimal health.
I BELIEVE that every woman can harness her relationship with food, so food serves HER.
I BELIEVE every woman can learn restorative self-care skills.

And I believe that when we do this together, nothing can stop us.

Two decades ago, I educated people on how a simple, daily, plant-based diet could be delicious. For the first time, plant-based was “satisfying.” Back then, people told me I was crazy. Now they call me a pioneer.

And today I’m on a mission. My mission is to guide women 40 and beyond who struggle with their energy, time management, and health. I can help you navigate your middle years with a capable, healthy body and a sharp, sound mind so you can roar into your third act with vitality, sexiness, and wisdom.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if – at age ?? – (you fill in the blank) and beyond you could SHOW UP? You could BE THERE for your family and INSPIRE a health revolution.

It’s time to get on that track. It’s never too late.

Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?
Are you ready for glowing skin, strong and flexible muscles, and to LOVE how you look and feel in your clothes?
Are you ready to feel youthful and have the energy to kick-ass on a daily basis?

What, my Lady are you waiting for? 

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