Take a challenge, win a cookbook! - Ann Gentry

Take a challenge, win a cookbook!

In celebration of World Water Day,  I challenge YOU to three days of eating nutritious, water-packed fruits and vegetables for smarter water usage and healthier hydration.

Join my exclusive facebook group, Nourishing Wisdom w/ Ann Gentry, to participate in the challenge. Track your progress by leaving a DAILY COMMENT for three days on the WATER CHALLENGE post. Whoever ends up with the most water points WINS one of my cookbooks on how to cook fresh, organic, plant-based cuisine.

Check in at Nourishing Wisdom for references and links on how to make the most of the challenge, and why! There’s  already a quick and easy Zucchini Bisque recipe waiting for you.

Learn more about World Water Day and how you can make a difference, find out what fruits and vegetables are water rich and be the lucky person to win a cookbook! Take the challenge at Nourishing Wisdom.

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