Eating For Brain Health: Easy & Delicious, Satisfying & Quick Fat-Fueled Recipes


These delicious and satisfying breakfast recipes will curb your mid-morning cravings and help you rock a well-balanced day! I promise once you get in the habit of eating FATS FIRST, you’ll no longer have a sluggish start to the day.

In this ebook, you’ll find recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, a list of what foods to always have on hand and tips to enhance a dish by adding other ingredients. This is my way of encouraging you to use your imagination, follow your gut, and let your palate guide you!

You might not be used to preparing food in the morning, and you might not be used to eating WELL to start the day.

Lookin’ at you,glazed-donut-on-the-way-to-work-eater!

When you start your day with these simple recipes, you’ll be taking steps to start your day with the right foods to boost brain health, support healthy hormones, calm your cravings and help you slip right back into those jeans from long ago!