I can’t believe I just ate all that! - Ann Gentry

I can’t believe I just ate all that!

In certain circles, I’m known for being flawless in my food choices, so much that I’m exalted to food saint.

But really I’m just like you. I can’t believe I ate that. But I did.

I eat the wrong foods at the wrong time. 

I can overeat because it’ s good-for-you, following the thinking that more is better.

Like the time I ate a whole bunch of avocados and sweet potatoes over a few days. 

Days later, I happened to be having a standard blood test. When my doctor personally called me and in an alarming voice told me I had hyperkalemia. 

My potassium was off the charts. I learned that having too much potassium in your blood can be dangerous. Worst case – it could cause a heart attack or death!

Or what about this one?

When I’m feeling needy. I stand with the fridge door open foraging through jars and leftovers looking for love.

Remember the Johnny Lee C&W crossover song from the 80’s lookin’ for love in all the wrong places?  I love this tune as it seems to nail the search for something that ain’t food.

Food is such a personal act. Your food journey morphs and stretches in the course of a lifetime.

What worked for you a decade ago, may not be serving you today. What’s all the darling of food trends may not work for your body at all. 

And that’s true about everything in life. You have to ask yourself, is what worked for you yesterday or a long time ago, does it still serve you today?

Once I asked a group of women to stop living their midlife like it was a perpetual bridesmaids party….

….Eating whatever you want when you want, busting out of your dress, ransacking the inside of your beautiful body and soul as you stay on a diet of party foods. This is the perfect example of what once worked for you, no longer does! 

When you consume pastries, pizza, and soda or fruit juices, your brain is not happy. And when the brain is fed poorly, so is the rest of your body.

Eating for your brain is a powerful preventive against disease. It helps you achieve peak performance in every part of your life. 

You are your brain. Our brains represent everything about us. Who we are, how we think and love, connect and create community. 

Why wouldn’t you take care of your brain?

You might not know this, but you have a natural mechanism inside yourself to ignite the goddess within you. Your goddess might be too sluggish from cheesy potatoes right now. Or a little confused from all the food trends she’s tried, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give her a jump start!

How do you Age Like A Goddess? 

Here are the 3 pillars to hold your life up today to slow decline so you can harness your energy to feel and look good at any age. 

NOURISH your brain

It starts with embracing what it takes to nourish your brain and body with the right nutrients. 

To learn what foods serve your brain. You can grab my ebook Eating for Brain Health, where I give an overview of the foods your brain thrives on.

And my loves, go easy on yourself.

When you overeat and make the wrong choices, make peace with that negative voice in your mind that says you blew it. Don’t get stuck there. Take a breath, forgive yourself, and move on. 

Take CARE of your body

For your brain’s sake, keep moving. 

Learn to UNSIT. Get up and move through the course of the day. 

Moving your body has immediate benefits for the brain. Movement increases the neurotransmitters in your brain. Hormones like dopamine and serotonin provide benefits for your cognitive abilities. Moving produces new brain cells that actually increase brain volume. This, in turn, improves memory and attention span. You’ll always know where you left your keys!

NURTURE your Being

By not only feeding your brain the right foods, you also want to give your brain a much-needed reprise.

Create a quiet and empty space in your mind.

If formal meditation isn’t your cup of tea, then find a way to sit quietly once a day. Clearing your mind during the day is as vital as getting enough sleep. After a while, you may tire of all the chatter and appreciate what stillness can do for you. 

Go experience the stillness so you can reach deeply into yourself and live from a place of deep knowing and intelligence. You have this in you, we all do, we just have to awaken and listen.

Get up out of that chair and stop sitting all day. Find another way to work. All great ideas came when people were moving and connected to their bodies. Love yours, it’s the only one you got!

Fuel your brain with the foods that will enhance your smartness and longevity. 

Remember that what supported you in one phase of your life, doesn’t necessarily serve you in another part of your life.

Change is inevitable.

In good health,

P.S.  I am here for you.  If you have any questions, shoot me an email at ann@anngentry.com or join us in the Take Charge of Your Food Journey group and post away! We welcome the discussion. 

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