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Eat Well, Save the World: A Challenge for World Water Day

On March 22, Celebrate World Water Day, which helps raise awareness by focusing on the importance of water. According to the United Nations World Water Development Report, 1.9 billion people live in water-scarce areas, including California, where long-term droughts lead to historic water shortages.

We’ve changed how we brush our teeth, water our lawns, and wash our clothes. But there’s still more we can do. Our eating and drinking habits can make a significant dent in water conservation, for better and worse. Globally, food production accounts for 92 percent of our water footprint. And here in the United States, meat production alone accounts for a whopping 30 percent of our water footprint.

We need to choose our foods wisely. We need to eat well for our bodies, and to also eat well for the planet. These issues are the spirit of this week’s challenge.

The Water Challenge Let’s live the spirit of conservation while staying hydrated! It can be done! I challenge you to 3 days of eating nutritious, water-packed fruits and vegetables for smarter water usage and healthier hydration.

Starting March 27, track your progress by leaving a daily comment for 3 days only on my Nourishing Wisdom. The person with the most water points wins one of my cookbooks on how to cook fresh, organic cuisine that has received national praise from publications such as Cooking Light, Veg News and the Los Angeles Times.

All you have to do is leave a comment about your water-packed fruit and veggie intake for three days, and you can keep a nationally-celebrated reference on good food and real eats right in your own kitchen. Ready? Set, Go!


Rethinking How We Hydrate You’ve been told your entire life: drink eight glasses of water per day. No one really knows where that claim came from. In 1945, reports stated that the average person needs to consume 1 ml of water per calorie of food they consume. Then 30 years later, Dr. Frederick Stare co-authored a nutrition book that recommended six to eight glasses of water per day.

When you think of staying hydrated, you mostly think of drinking water. And don’t get me wrong, drinking pure, clean water should be your drink of choice. With no calories, no price tag, and as being what our bodies are partly made of, it’s the best thing you can drink. Water helps transport oxygen, fat, and glucose to your muscles. It helps regulate body temperature. It helps digest food and eliminate waste.

In the spirit of smarter water use, there are ways we can stay perfectly hydrated without overusing water. Much of the water we need is in the fruits and vegetables we should be eating anyways!

Foods for Hydration You really don’t have to drink all that water! You can boost your H20 consumption by eating foods that contain water. Put down the cracker! Pick up the watermelon! Many people eat very drying foods and don’t get enough liquid through their food intake.  

Roughly 20% of your daily water intake comes from solid foods – especially fruits and vegetables with extremely high water content. And the added bonus of hydrating with real foods? You’ll get your daily dose of antioxidants, vitamins, electrolytes, and fiber.

Learn more about World Water Day and how you can make a difference, find out what fruits and vegetables are water rich and be the lucky person to win a cookbook! Take the challenge at Nourishing Wisdom starting March 27th. 

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