Do you think everyone else knows the secrets to aging, but you? - Ann Gentry

Do you think everyone else knows the secrets to aging, but you?

The answer isn’t in the fads. The answer is in the research, and the research is crystal clear.

You don’t have to worry about your aging brain any longer. New research keeps surfacing that proves diet and exercise can make a difference in how you age.

It’s so simple, you might almost believe it couldn’t be true.

Throughout my adult life, I believed that what I ate could make a considerable difference in my health and aging. But when it came to my brain, I hadn’t a CLUE. In fact, I had serious doubts.

Watching the decline of both my grandmother and mother as they lost their minds to dementia related diseases was not only heart breaking, but I figured the odds were stacked against me and I would face the same fate.

Luckily for my peace of mind, (no pun intended) the benefits of a brain health lifestyle can make a significant impact on your living well.

The journal, Neurology recently published a study showing how you can shave years off your brain’s functional age with diet and exercise. Hearing the news, I unabashedly danced to Lady Gaga for an hour.

The study was comprised of 160 adults age 65 and over who never exercised, had high blood pressure and other risks of cardiovascular disease and exhibited verified cognitive concerns. The 160 subjects were divided into four groups: one group exercised, the second followed a food plan, a third group combined both diet and exercise and fourth group was told not to change their diet or exercise habits.  

The result: the group that combined diet and exercise showed far more improvement in their executive thinking skills compared to the other three groups. Amazingly, the group that combined diet and exercise actually reversed the brain’s aging by NINE YEARS.

Lisa Mosconi writes in her book, Brain Foods, what’s good for the brain is good for the heart.

Clearly, the Neurology study backs up Mosconi’s theory about eating the right foods but also highlights the effect combining proper nutrition with exercise has on slowing cognitive decline.

Think about this: men and women over 65, many of whom did not exercise and ate poorly prior to the study had a big turn around by participating in this study. That’s great news for you who are YOUNGER. It is never too late to make positive changes in your routine.

My mission is to help women 40 and beyond achieve astounding good health. We don’t have to age poorly and lose ourselves on any level. It is possible to live your middle-years with a healthy body, sound mind, and roar into your third act ready to dance the night away at your grandchildren’s wedding.

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