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My favorite go-to breakfast bowl

Here is my favorite go-to breakfast bowl that I make in the privacy of my home kitchen. Did I say every morning?…  I am obsessed with the mild sweetness and crunch that fuels my mornings. I promise it is quick and easy and super delicious. … Read more

Take a challenge, win a cookbook!

In celebration of World Water Day,  I challenge YOU to three days of eating nutritious, water-packed fruits and vegetables for smarter water usage and healthier hydration. Join my exclusive facebook group, Nourishing Wisdom w/ Ann Gentry, to participate in the challenge. Track your progress by … Read more

Eat Well, Save the World: A Challenge for World Water Day

On March 22, Celebrate World Water Day, which helps raise awareness by focusing on the importance of water. According to the United Nations World Water Development Report, 1.9 billion people live in water-scarce areas, including California, where long-term droughts lead to historic water shortages. We’ve … Read more

Forest bathing with all your senses

Craving Wisdom |

How Our Forests Can Heal Us  A national holiday, a few friends, a serious hike in the Santa Monica mountain range. It was a cold day for Southern California, windy and overcast.  With the canopy of the trees above us, we could still feel the … Read more

Leafy Greens: The Anti-Aging Miracle Food

Turns out, your mother was right – green things in your diet do matter. Leafy greens, pound for pound, supply more vitamins and minerals than red meat. And we’re not talking about lettuce, here. While there is some overlap between lettuce and leafy greens, leafy … Read more

The Key to Collagen is Real Food

Collagen is a hot topic these days. It adds lustre to our hair, makes our skin glow, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, strengthens our nails, and is even good for our joints. But what is collagen? Collagen is the fibrous protein found … Read more

Take Charge of Your Life

This is a topic that is close to my heart. I am the child of a parent with Alzheimer’s disease. I have witnessed my mother declining into the abyss of this disease for the last ten years. Every 66 seconds in the United States of … Read more

“Nine Mindful Principles for a Healthy Approach to Eating.”

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