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Essential Kitchen Must-Haves, Part 2

My Favorite Thing-A-Ma-Jigs That Cost $10 or Less And Will Make You Shine Like the Barefoot Contessa. God is in the details, and in the kitchen, she’s in the tiny tools. You’ll be amazed at how much easier cooking is when you have all the … Read more

Essential Kitchen Must-Haves, Part 1

What You Need to Show Off Your Cooking Skills, Like You Just Won 1st Place While Gordon Ramsay Was Yelling At You! Do you find yourself sipping cocktails just to get through the drudgery of cooking? Would you rather wash dishes than hunch over a … Read more

The Five Secrets to a Healthy Brain

Craving Wisdom |

Think of brain health like a bicycle wheel: there are five main “spokes” that need to stay strong. If one main area is under supported, your brain health will have a bumpy ride. But first: what does it mean to have a healthy brain? A … Read more

Are you drinking enough water every day?

Let Water Be Thy Drink  If a health deity existed that made sure you had health commandments, this would be on it. “Let Water be Thy Drink.” Not Mountain Dew, not Diet Coke, not orange juice, and not even “detox juice” with pineapple and turmeric.  Water … Read more

“Nine Mindful Principles for a Healthy Approach to Eating.”

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