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NOW IS THE TIME to Channel Your Inner Culinary Diva

Move over Giada, Martha, Ina, Chole, or Bobby…… Before any of us knew about COVID-19 or social distancing, I was having my last restaurant meal chowing down on Chanterelle mushroom tacos at my new local hot spot. Three days later, I was hoarding foods with … Read more

5 Sleep Hacks

Recently, I asked the ladies in my Take Charge of Your Food Journey group how they nourish and optimize their brains. I offered these 9 things to do to protect your brain, decrease your waistline, and move you closer to check things off on your … Read more

Wanna know who my superwoman crushes are?

You know how I’m always encouraging you to get up and move. I’m always talking about things you can do for your brain. Like meditating, getting enough shut-eye, and minimizing your stress. And of course, being your fearless leader in all things culinary. I continue … Read more

I can’t believe I just ate all that!

In certain circles, I’m known for being flawless in my food choices, so much that I’m exalted to food saint. But really I’m just like you. I can’t believe I ate that. But I did. I eat the wrong foods at the wrong time. I … Read more

Cooking at home, a lost art?

Remember those awkward parent gatherings when your kids were in elementary school? I was making small talk with the father of a girl who was in class with my son. We were carrying on in small talk, the usual what do you do etc. Usually, … Read more

Do you remember the first day of your period?

Do you remember the first day of your period? I was wearing a red and blue striped, two-piece bikini. I’d just finished 6th grade and summer was in full swing. When I went home to tell my mother, she responded later on that sweltering afternoon … Read more

A Moment of Silence for Your Cupcake Addiction

What would your last meal on Earth be? Mine would be my grandmother’s signature recipe. She made her Chess Pie in small tin baking pans with three ingredients: eggs, butter, and sugar. I would stand by the oven, making sure I was close enough to … Read more

I Survived Eating Raw, Uncooked Tempeh

Everyone I meet either has an opinion about soy or feels confused by it. You’re probably thinking, “You ate raw TEMPEH? Isn’t that SOY?! Isn’t soy BAD for you?!” or “Oh gawd I hate tofu, isn’t it just a fad?” or you might be wondering … Read more

“Nine Mindful Principles for a Healthy Approach to Eating.”

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