Are you drinking enough water every day? - Ann Gentry

Are you drinking enough water every day?

Let Water Be Thy Drink  If a health deity existed that made sure you had health commandments, this would be on it. “Let Water be Thy Drink.” Not Mountain Dew, not Diet Coke, not orange juice, and not even “detox juice” with pineapple and turmeric.  Water is the golden calf of health, the toxin-flusher, America’s sweetheart of slimming down, and even entire planets need it for life.

Behold the benefits of drinking water:

  • Clear Skin: water moisturizes the skin and keeps it fresh and smooth. It prevents aging by preventing wrinkles! Need I say more?
  • Improves Digestion: water keeps food moving so you don’t end up constipated.
  • Increases Energy: your BRAIN is mostly water, so you need to drink to think. Water helps your mind stay clear and energized.
  • Promotes Weight Loss: fill up before meals by drinking a glass of water beforehand. This reduces hunger and leads you to eat less.
  • Boosts Immune System: water is your zero-calorie disease fighter! Drink the right daily amount based on your body weight and activities to keep the doctor away.

You know what else is great about water? It’s FREE.

Put the Soda Down! It’s time you break up with your least healthy relationship: the one you have with soda. I know, I know: it’s sweet and fizzy and bubbly and pairs perfectly with a work day. But it’s wreaking havoc on your health. 

Is it a Juicer … or a Sugar Pump? It’s hard to resist the siren song of juicing. Believe it or not, there is a right time to juice. Veggie juices are great for an energy boost between meals, but make sure to get enough fiber from whole foods that you eat.

Some of the most nutritious-seeming juices can deliver a wallop of 39 grams of sugar. That’s more sugar than an adult should eat in an entire day. Water doesn’t look so boring now, does it?

Fall Back in Love with Water Splash your glass of water with some cranberry juice, freeze some fruity ice cubes, and infuse your water with cucumber or lemon. Mix some seltzer water for a refreshing kick, or enjoy some sugar-free tea. There are plenty of ways to fall in love with your water again. After all, it’s the stuff of life.

A Reminder Before You Go Plastic water bottles are not your friend. Did you know that Aquafina comes from a “public water source”, meaning it could come out of a garden spicket behind a tire factory and nobody would know?

 myThe plastic itself is dangerous. BPA is a component often found in plastic that can cause hormone imbalance, inflammation, and cancer. And guess what – that hormone imbalance caused by plastics? Weight gain city. Chemicals found in plastic water bottles are not worth the money we spend on them. Do your body (and the planet) a favor, and drink from the tap. There are plenty of ways to filter tap water that’s better for your wallet, body, and the environment.

But water itself is life. There is nothing wrong with water. In fact, we need it to live. So stop wasting your money and your health. Let water by thy drink!

To learn how to calculate your daily intake of water, watch the video above or go to my Nourishing Wisdom group.

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