Are You Buying Into This Myth about Healthy Eating? - Ann Gentry

Are You Buying Into This Myth about Healthy Eating?

Do you know anyone in your life who says things like this?

“It doesn’t matter what you eat, only how much you eat.”    

“As long as you stay a healthy weight, you can drink all the soda you want.”

“If you exercise the calories away, you can eat burgers and pizza all day long and it won’t matter.”

Perhaps you’ve met people who dismiss their unhealthy weight gain by saying, “My blood panels are good, so that means I don’t have to worry about my weight. There’s nothing I can do about it anyways.”

Have you met people like this, who believe that healthy eating is a myth? These people tend to have one thing in common: they tried jumping on the “healthy eating” train, and it didn’t work out. They didn’t lose weight. They felt deprived. They figure, “Better gain a few pounds than to be deprived of delicious food all your life!”

When I’m at the market, I’m one of those people with the leafy greens poking out of her basket. I love piling up with fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy eats. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m spending my money on food that bolsters my quality of life.

The other day, a lady eyed the contents of my basket and said, “You know, I tried the whole ‘healthy eating’ thing, and it didn’t do much for me.” She had sweets and white bread and chips in her basket, “Might as well live a little!”

But how can you “live a little” if you simply don’t feel good? How can you live your best life if you have a hard time walking, dancing, or being on your feet for any period of time? How can you live a little if the foods you eat damage your body and brain?

When I was in the checkout line, I got to thinking: I enjoy fantastically delicious meals that are good for my body and brain. I am not deprived, I live richly in abundance of great food! And what’s more, this good food tastes delicious AND makes me feel clear and strong. I feel better than I did when I was in my twenties, and that’s the truth!

I thought about the days when I used to eat poorly, before I had clarity on the role of food in health. I ate fast food in the car. I felt like crap. I had lost control. Sure, indulging in fried food and sugary sweets felt like a harmless indulgence, but it left me feeling sick.

I had my wake up call. For many of us, the culmination of a family member’s eating habits crash into disease, and sound an alarm to their loved ones to change habits now or meet the same fate. Both my mother and paternal grandmother slipped into Alzheimer’s. Their eating habits directly affected their brain health. It wasn’t their fault – they didn’t know. But now we’re lucky – we’re armed with the research. It’s up to us to change our fates.

Friends, we have the power to choose what we put in our baskets. We have a choice – everyday at the pantry, at the market, and at our tables. And that’s why I’m here, penning this letter to you. This “healthy eating thing” is a very powerful choice that can lengthen and improve your life. It can make you feel good and take back your health.

Arm yourself with knowledge. Get the results you’ve been yearning for. Dive into my new ebook, “Eating for Brain Health: 15 Foods for Longevity” to discover which foods deserve a place at your table, and how they can improve your life.

So raise a glass of dark red wine to your lips, indulge in that 75% cacao chocolate, cook up a beautiful buddha bowl, and “live a little”. Food gives us life. Let’s choose nothing but the best.

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