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By the time I turned out the lights for the last time in my restaurant empire, I found myself eating in my car as I traveled from one location to the next. Instead of showing up at yoga, I went to happy hour. My home kitchen was quiet, and my children ate take-out. My health was no longer at a premium; it was in the gutter. All the knowledge I had about healthy eating seemed like a distant memory. By the time I dragged myself to a doctor, I was facing a life-threatening autoimmune disease.  

AND IF THIS WASN’T ENOUGH. My mother received a diagnosis that her forgetfulness was now Alzheimer’s disease.

WAKE UP CALL. The universe was speaking loudly. For starters, lighten up on the stress, girl. Let go of the fear. I am not my mother. Cutting edge research told me that I could change the future that I feared. That my choices – not my genetics – determined how I could live the rest of my life.


I grew up in Memphis on a standard American diet, aka SAD. My favorite foods. Pass the white rice sprinkled with white sugar, black-eyed peas drowning in ketchup. I couldn’t wait till Friday to chow down on the frozen fish sticks served in my school’s cafeteria. When I moved to New York to become an actress, I found out that my drink of choice Dr. Pepper wasn’t so refreshing after all. As the adage says, ‘you are what you eat.’  I had a wholesome buxom look that worked well for the commercials and soaps I booked.  And I had celebrity wattage, well near me that is. I helped my friend Bruce Willis land the role opposite me in Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love. My best boy pal was Mr. Big.  At that time, I had no idea that what I ate had anything to do with how I felt. And to be honest, I felt pretty crummy most of the time. I was always on some popular diet. I worked out all the time, but never got the body I desired.


Between acting jobs, I waited tables.  When I landed in a natural food cafe in Greenwich Village, I jumped right in and gave up my soda pop for brown rice and vegetables. Later, I began my cooking journey by embracing the Eastern philosophy of macrobiotics, where I learned the most fundamental principle.

‘Let food be thy medicine.’

Never in a million years, could I have thought, this informal education would lead to my most significant role. When acting work took me to the sunshine and the City of Angels, I fell in love and stayed. In 1993, I opened the first Real Food Daily and oversaw its growth until 2017. I was part of a food revolution that elevated plant-based foods into the mainstream. I had a good run as we say in show business. I hosted a cooking show, and I wrote books and articles. I appeared on many news entertainment shows such as The Talk and The Today Show to name a few.

Today, I work with women like you.

Seventy-six million American women (that's half the ladies in America) are losing sleep about premature aging.

Recent medical breakthroughs have changed our understanding of aging and disease. Studies show lifestyle changes can prevent Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia from developing or progressing.


When we eat for brain health, we’re fueling where it all begins. A healthy brain gives us vitality, alertness, focus, and the energy to live the rest of our lives the way we see fit. Once I learned that food was medicine, I ate vegetarian or vegan. But when gut issues surfaced, I knew something was wrong. I wasn’t digesting my beloved grains, beans, and legumes, and I admit I was still a sugar freak.

It turns out, we ladies need the right protein to age well, our bodies, our muscles, our brains need high octave foods. And when we are riding  The ‘M’ train, wink, wink, you know what I am talking about.  We need a whole lot of something else. 


YOU CAN CHANGE your mindset, beliefs, habits, and rituals around food, your body, and how you age.

Don’t let your time run out!

WHAT IF this time you got to your destination and replaced outdated beliefs of aging and health.  What if you embraced new healthy habits for a lifestyle filled with less stress, more freedom, and self-love?

Indeed, this is not that far out of your reach.
I’d love nothing more than to be your guide.
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